London Parks :: Regent’s Park


In total, there are 8 Royal Parks in the Greater London area. The first one we are crossing off today is ….. (drumroll …)

….Regent’s Park!

Regent’s Park is in North West London, around Baker Street (read: Sherlock Holmes!!) and also around Camden (read: cool & strange hipsterville, music, markets and eccentrics).


Regent’s Park has a few bits that truly make her stand out from the (crow)d.


First of all, it is huge, and there is plenty to eat & drink. There are at least 3 cafes and one
big restaurant that bursts with BBQ smoke, enticing diners with grilled hotdogs, IMG_1633hamburgers, pork sandwiches, and probably some veggie options… though those were ignored after being smoked out with the aroma of BBQd meats.

Second, there are THOUSANDS OF ROSES!!!! So many flowers. The smell is enchanting, and all of the roses are just absolutely gorgeous. The colours of the roses – some of the colours I didn’t realise could actually exist in flower form. It reminded me of Alice & Wonderland when the cards go around and paint the roses red. Seriously, I am shocked some of the colours were real IMG_1567and not some sort of icing coating. Nothing is typical about these roses; after all, they do belong to the queen, don’t they?? (The real queen, not that b*tch the queen of hearts).




Third – within Regent’s Park you’ll also find the Freize Sculpture Park. Here are a few of my favorites. I think the upside down elephant or the zombie-esque Micky Mouse are my top two ! Arnie also likes that guy with the horns.






What else do we love about Regent’s Park? Well let’s not forget that it is quintessentially English. And by that, I mean there are those green & white striped lawn chairs everywhere, that beg to be sat in with a jar of Pimms and perhaps some scones & tea (cue pinky raise)!



And of course we cannot forget the WATER FEATURES ooOOOOoOOOoO !! Within this category I am also lumping in ponds and bridges, because they are all wonderful.





And I almost forgot (how could I forget this??) – there is a huge open air theatre in the middle of the park that shows plays during the summer. We missed the shows the day we visited, and all are now over until next summer. So I will not consider this bucket list task complete until one of the shows has been seen! I am already looking forward to part 2 🙂



Thanks for reading to the end!

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