Antofagasta, Chile :: Coastlines, Railroads, and Being Dirty…

The second stop in our Chilean camper van adventure, after leaving San Pedro de Atacama, was the seaside town of Antofagasta.

Like the rest of Northern Chile, the town is steeped in history of struggle with Bolivia, of the mining industry and of the construction of railroads, and is surrounded by the Atacama desert and the vast pacific coastline.

We found a place along the beach to park our van for a few days, scared the Chilean police were going to come in the middle of the night and make us leave, but we managed to survive unscathed. What we didn’t manage to do, however, was find a place to shower. The joys of living conspicuously in the back of a car!

A few highlights, which are pictured below are:

  • La Portera (the stone archway in the sea)
  • The historical center of Antofagasta, around Plaza Colon and some of the museums close to the old railroad station
  • Terminal Pesquero (the big seafood market)
  • The ocean and the creatures we found.. including lots of turkey vultures
  • Sunsets over the water




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