Our South America Itinerary

A few friends & family have asked for our itinerary in South America, so here you are!

You will notice that there is a big 6 week period that just says “Driving from the top of Chile to the bottom of Chile” — this is our big chunk of spontaneity so I can’t make any promises where we’ll be! However, I’ve put a few ideas for where I know we’ll end up 🙂


Ecuador Quito 02-Oct 07-Oct
Mindo 07-Oct 11-Oct
Quilotoa Loop 12-Oct 16-Oct
Banos 16-Oct 20-Oct
Cuenca 20-Oct 23-Oct
Peru Lima 23-Oct 27-Oct
Paracas 27-Oct 28-Oct
Huacachina 28-Oct 29-Oct
Cuzco 30-Oct 04-Nov
Macchu Picchu & Inca Trail 04-Nov 08-Nov
Arequipa & Colca Canyon 10-Nov 16-Nov
Bolivia La Paz 17-Nov 19-Nov
Uyuni & Salt Flats 19-Nov 22-Nov
Chile & Argentina Drive from top of Chile to bottom of Chile & All through Argentina (including places like San Pedro de Atacama, Fitzroy,  Mendoza, and the marble caves to name a few stops) 22-Nov 03-Jan
Punta Arenas 03-Jan 05-Jan
Puerto Natales 05-Jan 06-Jan
Torres del Paine 06-Jan 14-Jan
Puerto Natales 14-Jan 15-Jan
Santiago 15-Jan 19-Jan
Valparaiso 19-Jan 22-Jan
Buenos Aires 23-Jan 28-Jan


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