Views of Quito

Hey mom & dad (and the unlikely anyone else reading this)!

Today we went after the best views in Quito. Mother nature decided to be super cloudy and misty today, but hey, we got some good views in the end when the sun decided to peek her head out from the clouds and shine her warmth down on us.

Me & Arnie from the top of the Basilica Tower

There were two main places we visited – first was the Basilica. The Basilica had a series of terrifying ladders to get to the top that reminded me of the slippery steps that used to lead me up to the 10+ foot high dives. I don’t like heights – but it was worth it!

In regards to the inside of the Basilica, well – they’ve been building this basilica for over 100 years, and it’s still unfinished. Similar story to La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, but this one — whilst impressive in some respects, was also a bit… cheesy? Lots of dolls. And crooked words & letters. Oh and there was some saint lady too who will be perpetually subjected to a colourful rainbow light show.

The second place we went to for the views was the  Teleferico, or a tram car that takes you up to a really high view point. This was pretty cool.


Here’s a little video I made with music from the day. The background music is native american flute because that’s the type of music they were playing at the top whilst we were enjoying the views. Hope you like it!




…and here is the rainbow glowing saint lady:

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