Mayfair’s Mad Hatter Tea Party

As part of our London Countdown, Arnie & I are tackling all the things Afternoon Tea — embarking on both the fancy and the eccentric pinky-up fanfare.

At the Sanderson Hotel in Mayfair, you can fall down the rabbit hole and get tucked into  herbal teas and sugary confections, with a side of animation and childhood dreams.  This Mad Hatter themed afternoon tea is a TREAT! And guess what? It was BOTH of our unbirthdays, so we were in the mood for celebration.

Let’s start with the tea itself. There were 4 enticing flavours: Alice, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, and White Rabbit. How very curious!


tea bottlesteapot


Next, let’s talk about the delectables that accompanied the tea. The savoury selection included a salmon scotch egg, croque monsieur, a fancy shmancy crab roll, and cucumber sandwiches (as if afternoon tea could exist without cucumber sandwiches, even in wonderland)!

The selection of cakes and sweets, however, was a bit ridiculous. Everything was sooo sweet that we left with tummy aches and a penchant to never sugar again.

The selection included heart cookies with rose cream filling, mocha chocolate cake, a lemon cake, mushroom marshmallows, a chocolate caterpillar, a white chocolate macaron, scones with the sweetest jam I’ve ever tasted, little meringues, and a the best touch of all – a glass filled with something delicious that I was hoping would shrink me to the size of a peanut. Then, when we thought it was all over, the waiter brought out ice cream with chocolate caramel “dirt” on top.

Here is the toppling tower, and then us of course 🙂



That’s it! Thank you for sharing our adventure 😉

Twinkle twinkle little bat, how I wonder where you’re at

xx Bergen

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